Contacting Mrs. Healey: Please know that open communication between us is essential to a happy and productive experience for your child. If you have questions, concerns, funny stories or happy thoughts about your child I would love to hear them! Please write me a note or give me a call at school. I try to return phone calls the same day I receive them. If you call me after 3:45pm, chances are you will not hear from me until the following day, as I check all of my messages at that time. Please understand that my evenings are devoted to my family and I do not take calls at home. If you have a quick question or comment, feel free to email me at I try to check my email every evening. Kindly understand that during arrival and dismissal times my main concern is my students and their well-being. They need and deserve my undivided attention, therefore I cannot get into lengthy discussions during those times.

Birthdays: Your child’s special day is important to us. We do many things to recognize birthdays in class; hats, new pencils, stickers, and sitting in the "birthday chair." Parents are also invited to come in that day and read, or do a special project with the class. If you would like me to allot some time for you, please write me a note a few days before your child’s birthday. In the best interest of health, wellness and instructional time, please support us in upholding our policy of not using food treats to celebrate birthdays.

Clothing: First Grade is MESSY!! We will be painting, coloring, playing, experimenting and just, plain having fun. Please send children in appropriate clothing for these activities. Children also go outside for recess every day. It is very important that they dress for the weather. If it is cold out and they do not have a jacket- they may be kept inside for recess. Also, clogs and other slip-on shoes are very difficult to run and play in on the playground.

Snack: Your child should bring two HEALTHY snacks to school each day. Please understand that sugary snacks are not in your child's best interest, particularly in the morning. Sugary snacks tend to make a child very tired/lethargic shortly after they eat it, which can make it much more difficult for them to pay attention in class. If you would like a list of snack suggestions, please see the Healthy Snack Ideas section of this site. We will have a morning snack break and an afternoon "working snack." The children are very upset when they forget their snacks. Please help your child to check for their snacks each morning before they leave.

Lunch procedures: We are on a "Meal Pay" system. Each child is assigned an account, which can be refilled at anytime via cash, check or simply by going online. You can find out more about this system and refill your child's account by visiting the Meal Pay Site. If your child buys lunch very infrequently, you can send cash in for one lunch. Please keep in mind that cash, especially if there is change involved, can be very difficult for little ones to manage. If possible, exact change is easiest for them. Please refer to your handbook for prices. Menus are handed out at the beginning of each month. I will also post a link to the Fairfield lunch menu on the Parent's Corner page of this web site.

Notes: If you are sending a note to me with your child, please remind them before they leave that there is a note for Mrs. Healey in their backpack. Please understand that I cannot, and will not, release a child to anyone other than a parent unless I have a note from you. If you have someone that will pick up your child on a regular basis, you may write me a note for the year so that I may release your child to this person at any time. All others, please send a note on that morning. Keep in mind that notes that cover more than one day; (ie- "John's grandmother will pick him up the second Tuesday of every month," or "...his babysitter will pick him up on Mondays and Wednesdays") are very confusing for the child and the teacher, especially if there is a substitute teacher in the classroom at dismissal time. If you forget to send a note, or have a change of plans for the day, please call the office and let them know that someone other than yourself will be picking up your child. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Absences: Whenever your child is going to be absent for any reason, you must call Child Check to let the office know. We will gladly collect their work in an "Absent Folder" to be completed upon their return. Kindly understand that because much of their work is directly related to what is being taught in class, I am unable to create "work packets" for students to take on vacations. Please know that first grade is fast-paced and filled with new things each day. It is in your child's best interest to be in school as much as possible. When a child is frequently absent, or regularly being picked up early and/or coming in late , it disrupts the flow of their first grade experience. They quickly becoming overwhelmed, confused, and feel disconnected from the group when they return to school. Therefore, routine doctors' appointments, haircuts, dental appointments, etc. are best handled outside of the school day. Similarly, family vacations, long ski weekends and visits with relatives are fun, exciting and worthwhile experiences- once in a while. If your child is regularly missing school for these things, you will most likely hear from me about their school attendance.

Friday Folders: Your child's Friday Folder is very important. All communication from the school and the PTA will be coming home in this folder. It is extremely important that everything is removed and reviewed over the weekend. The folder should be sent back empty on Monday morning.

Returned School Work: All of the work your child does in school during the week, as well as their corrected homework, will be sent home in their Friday Folder. I do not send any work home during the week. The reason for this is that I want you to see, all at once, the work that your child has done throughout the entire week. I feel that if pieces come home randomly throughout the week, and you're looking at them in isolation, it is hard to get a global picture of how they are doing academically. If the entire week's work is reviewed all together, you are able to get a better feel for the objectives that were covered, the progression in which it was taught and how your child performed overall during the week. Every piece of work that comes home should have some indication that I have seen it, ie; comments, stickers, stamps, check marks, etc. If there is nothing from me on a piece of work, it means that I have not seen it and it should be returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you!

Toys: Please remind your child that we are very busy in first grade, therefore they are not permitted to bring any toys to school. Thank you.

Show and Tell: Instructional time in first grade is very important, therefore I do not have a designated "show and tell" time. If your child has something special they would like to share with their class, they will be allowed to go around to their friends during morning snack time, after they have eaten their own snack. Kindly understand that this is a "once in a while treat" and students should not be bringing things in daily for show and tell. In addition, I cannot be responsible for lost or mishandled show and tell items. Thank you!

Library Books: Each first grader is allowed and encouraged to take out an unlimited amount of library books at any given time. They are due one week from the day the child checks them out. However, your child may exchange books anytime before the week is up. Similarly, if they want more time with a book, they can just renew it after a week for additional time. If your child loses a book, they will need to reimburse the library for the cost of the book. If a balance is outstanding, report cards will be held until payments are made.

Parent Helpers: What would I do without parent helpers?? There are many opportunities to be involved in our classroom. After school starts, a Room Representative parent will be chosen (by the PTA). That person will be in charge of scheduling all parent volunteers in 1H. There will also be a sign-up sheet at Open House.

Are there other procedures you would like to see here? Please email me and let me know what I have left out! Thank you!

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